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La Nuestra Tango is exhilarated to gather a group of queer tango dancers and artists for a 2-day gathering in Brooklyn.


For the betterment of humanity.

We INVITE ALL who are curious, who wish to engage, listen and hear the experiences of queer dancers and artists, and who believe that inclusion is crucial to building a better community.

We want and need you - straight allies to join in the movement of solidarity and be in conversation with us.


► 2pm - 3pm : Open Role / Queer Tango Somatic Exploration ◀︎

Not your typical tango class! Led by Phi Lee Lam & Patricia Maria

► 3:30pm - 6pm : A Conversation With Queer Tango Panelists: for everyone!  ◀︎

Join us as we discuss the queer experience at milongas, brainstorm inclusive events, and dance together as a community. 

Discussion facilitated by Karen Johnson & Luna Beller-Tadiar

Karen Johnson (she/her) is a queer dual role dancer and tango instructor based in Philadelphia, PA.   After studying open role tango, Karen founded Philly Queer Tango in 2016.  She is passionate about creating and supporting spaces where diverse communities can experience the joy of queer tango. Most recently, she participated on the organizing team for La Nuestra Tango Festival in Brooklyn, NY, which hosted the first all female, diversity affirming tango orchestra in North America.  

Luna Beller-Tadiar (she/they) is a queer tango dancer, multi-media artist, and scholar who works on kinesthetic cultures. She has interpreted, organized, danced, or assistant taught for queer tango festivals in Valencia, Paris, Berlin, New York, and Buenos Aires. She often leads Spanish-English interpretation for the bilingual Chamuyo Queer discussions and serves as a community translator. Recently she has been teaching Introduction to Queer Tango class series at Duke University and at American Dance Festival Studios.

Guest Panelists: Amelia Louise (Brooklyn), Andrés Ozzuna (San Francisco), Diana Suarez (Miami), Edgar Vilchez (Brooklyn), Itzayana Guitérrez (Montreal), Karen Johnson (Philadelphia), Krista Baker (Boston), Luna Beller-Tadiar (New York City), Phi Lee Lam (Brooklyn), Tim Evans (New York City)

We are proud to be serving coffee sponsored by Coffee Project NY during the weekend. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for every person in the coffee supply chain, from producers to consumers, and to not only serve good coffee, but also to build community.

✌︎ ✌︎ ✌︎ ✌︎ ✌︎

La Nuestra Tango is thrilled to be a 2023 Brookyln Arts Council Community Arts Grant recipient! These funds will be used to support programming within the "Building Community Through Dance and Music of Tango" in the greater downtown area of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Arts Fund is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of New York Culture, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council.


Gemini and Scorpio Loft, Douglass Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

3rd Floor

2, 3, 4, D, N, Q, R @ Atlantic Ave - Barclays

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