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Technique & Improvisation Class

with Carla Marano & Phi Lee Lam

▲ Technique

Centered on deepening our awareness of the body and understanding the mind body connect we will explore technique that is specific to tango movement. The objective is to find efficiency, fluidity and embodiment of tango movement.

▲ Improvisation:

Each week we explore a sequence that may include elements such as the boleo, sacada, gancho or barrida as a way to investigate and understand the structure and possibilities of tango.

✌︎ Open to experienced dancers ✌︎ Role changing is highly recommended

We encourage dancers of all levels to utilize advance figures and elements as a way to deepen fundamental technique. The objective is to expand our movement capacity, vocabulary and ability to communicate with ease and efficiency.

No pre-registration required

$40 in-person

☘︎ Sliding scale available for students and those experiencing financial hardship.


Carla Marano and Phi Lee Lam are Tango dance artists, transplanted from Argentina and Singapore respectively. They have been collaborating and teaching together in New York City since 2018. As individual artists, they started dancing about two decades apart on two different continents. Such contrast contributed to a generative and dynamic collaboration emerging from an extensive perspective and experience that they both bring to the classroom. Over the years, they have been refining their approach to teaching improvisation to social dancers and incorporating a more humanistic view to transmitting the dance.


Balance Arts Center, 151 West 30th Street, New York, NY, USA

Room 9

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