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Workshop One


▶︎Work About The Embrace: Mobility, functionality and communication.

Workshop Two


▶︎Structure Of Turn: Working on partnership, coordination and fluidity.


▶︎ $155 Full package for four workshops

▶︎ $85 One day package for two workshops


▶︎ $50 for one workshop


Cecilia Garcia & Serkan Gokcesu are tango dancers and teachers. They are known worldwide and are considered references for the expressive potential of modern tango. They are praised for their quality of movement, and the unique and genuine proposal embedded in their dance: that tango is an ongoing dialogue between the two dancers, and between the dancers and the music.

Because it comes from a place of pure improvisation, and therefore high-stakes risk, each of their performances is electrifying in a unique and unrepeatable way.

Cecilia & Serkan have been dancing together since 2010. Together they have performed in numerous tango festivals, and many tango schools, around the world. Their dance is in constant development, and they are sought-after, not only to share the fruits of their constant research and development, but also to share their process of experimentation, improvisation and development. They are famous for helping their students craft their own unique dance, rather than just copying the movement style of their teachers.

Cecilia & Serkan have shared the stage with the most renowned tango orchestras, both traditional and experimental. They were honored to participate in the world-famous Oslo Music Festival. During the pandemic shutdown, they were featured dancers in the “Tango en la Terraza” online concert series (, which was co-produced by the Philadelphia Argentine Tango School.

They are interested in the ongoing evolution of tango, as an artistic expression and as a psycho-physical-emotional therapy. They believe that tango has the potential to be far more than a fun diversion, that it can help people to live better lives.


Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 8th Avenue, New York, NY, USA

16L (16th Floor)

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