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Our name "La Nuestra", which in Spanish means "Ours" is inspired by La Nuestra Futbol Feminista, a football group in Buenos Aires, Argentina that promotes, educates and empowers women and girls through the sport and culture of football.

We are a community of teachers, musicians, performers, artists organizers, thinkers, et cetera. whose desire is to shape and facilitate a multi-sensory, embodied, playful experience for participants to investigate the social embedding of the Tango, and the ways we exist within it in all their rich and complicated pains, possibilities, and pleasures.

We offer gatherings and happenings that are conceived as inspired acts of resistance to oppressive norms that are still alive and well in tango. We are pushing against the boundaries of tradition and transforming the arts, the culture of tango towards a more humanistic, embodied form which reflects gender equality, equity and empowerment.  

Our most ambitious offering is La Nuestra Tango Festival, Brooklyn's first tango festival to be held in the Greater Downtown hub of Brooklyn, NY from August 5th to 7th, 2022.

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